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Help with Where the Wild Things are costume? Answered

I know how to make the Headpiece, and the shirt. I bought fur that's white, and I'm going to make a shirt with it, and dye it using rit dye, to the right colors. I'm hoping to make this costume work... However, I'm stuck on what to do for the legs. It's scales, but what should I do for it? Also, I want to know how to make a tail, and make it so the tail can still move....


Movable tails are Really Hard. Even getting one that has enough spring so it hangs naturally is tough.

Not like move, but sway when I move... or at least bounce up or down or something.

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you... I'm not a costuming expert by any means, so this is just brainstorming based on what I've seen other folks do and what I'm _guessing_ is going on inside their costumes. (If you want real expert advice, my standard suggestion is to contact the International Costumers' Guild; they're good folks.)

First, you need the tail to hold its shape, which probably means running a stiff wire through it. Then you need to hold the base of the tail in place to keep the whole thing from just sagging. That implies some kind of multipoint suspension. You *might* be able to get away with just extending the wire up the costume's back. That wouldn't stop the tail from swinging side to side unless there's something bracing in that direction as well... but depending on how well it's balanced and how much time and effort you're willing to spend in getting it positioned, that might not be a problem and might actually be an advantage.

Possible Issues: Watch out for sharp wire ends. Be aware that a wire extending up the back is going to affect the wearer's ability to bend over. Having a fixed tail might make sitting down difficult. And if the wearer is female and the costume does what you want it to do, she's going to draw a certain number of comments along the lines of "I know this sounds awful, but I really like the way your tale moves."

Good luck. If it works out well, post an instructable.

Also: Websearch for "animatronic tail" finds a few interesting things. I haven't yet seen one that suits my own tastes (I would want a feline, rather than canine, motion) but some of 'em aren't bad. And at least one seems to manage fine with just a belt attachment, so my concerns about support may be misguided.