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Help with a blu-ray laser Answered

I recently received a true 150mw 405nm burning laser. It came with the diode, a case, and a focus lenses so you can focus up to 30ft burnings. How can i power this safe without destroying it. Just connecting power to it, last i heard, is bad to do. What's the best way to connect this diode? Here's the specs: Diode Package Type: 5.6mm Max Output: ~150mW CW Max Current: ~110mA Lase Threshold: ~31mA Lase Voltage: ~4 volts Operating Voltage: ~5 volts Wavelength: ~407.5nm How to make a circuit to power this?



Reply 10 years ago

Yes thanks, I found this out a lil ago, and found i can just buy their driver they sell, that allows 30-300mw lasers, and they will pre-set the output mw to w/e you want. I may consider doing this :D