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Help with a cast metal coin instructable! Answered

Need help finding a particular instructable, friends.  I would almost bet body parts that I saw an instructable here that had the following process to it for making a custom fantasy coin or medallion:
Use the underside  bottom of a paper coffee cup-mix up a portion of Bondo and fill the bottom recess with it.  When Bondo hardens, pop out the round disc, paste a paper disc onto it then draw out your coin or medallion design.  Carve out your design with a dremel or similar, make a silicone putty mold, then when mold is dry, pour pewter or zinc to make a custom coin. Darken and polish.

I know I've seen it, I'm wanting to stick it in my favorites list so I don't lose it again, and I especially want to thank the author for coming up with such a simple process for a custom medallion.

Can anyone help me?


Good news, everyone! It wasn't an instructable, but a tutorial vid over at Youtube! To wit:


Sorry, Yonatan24, it isn't any of these. Thank you very much for trying to help me, though. However, these are all great tutorials, no doubt!