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Help with a cool project involving motorized shoes Answered

I am planning to make a motorized shoe (you strap your shoe to it) and the design and every thing is mostly worked out, but I don't know what motor to use, I was thing this: (http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=YM2712)
Would two of these work, one for each wheel, then would I be able to connect it to the wheels axel, I will use scooter wheels or something similar, kind of like this: (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/petertreadway/spnkix-wearable-mobility) , but the shoe will be on top of it and there will be a non-powered wheel at the front, any help with the motor etc, would be great.


are you still working on this project? if so i can provide you with valuable information. from my experience from a simular project.........

1. you can't motors that go to fast because it would be impossible to stop/go without falling unless you had a potentometer switchy thing, where you could give the motor gradual power.

2. you must consider how you would like it to be powered gas or electric , which means you also must consider the weight and ofcourse PRice!, gas motor would weigh too much and would make the project a bit more difficult. in this case electric is better.

3. so now consider voltage, you don't want anything that has to be plugged in the electricity. unless its to charge. the perfect voltage for the motors would be around 12v , and it would have to have just enough power to push you but not uncontrollably fast. but we also need it for a cheap price so i have perfect motor in mind for the project. and it can be a aquired with little mechanical know how and little amount of dollars. you ready....?

a car window motor . get it from your local junk yard for no more than 5-10 dollars, and it takes 12 volts and has enough power to lift a 30 lb slab of glass. the battery can be one of the rechargable ones out of an old electric scooter or a old rechargable 12v battery from an home alarm system.

let me know how it goes if it is still going

You would need to figure out how much torque you motor would need to be able to push the weight of a person on wheels. I think the motor you are looking at may be just for something like an R/C car. You would need to gear it down for power and lower rpm. The battery pack to drive it may be pretty big unless you have an electronically controlled lithium ion battery pack. Maybe you can take apart some cheap portable drills to experiment with. They have been used to power go-karts. Good luck.

Ok thanks, I thought that that might be the case I don't know that much about motors so I had to ask, I will try that, thanks!

@lemonie: thanks, I would not have done that.

Use boots: the ankle-support is important.