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Help with a diy acoustic guitar pickup Answered

I am putting together an instructable for  playing rocksmith free on your pc  , with a small cost for people like me who dont have much money.

Not having money means that :
1) the software must be free ( i found the solution to that) 
2)i must make acoustic guitars compatible with the game (since i dont have an electric and i dont have the money to buy one)
I need a diy acoustic guitar pickup  to plug in my computer , with low budget and  clear sound no hums and buzzes ( this is the most important part)
If anyone can help me  please pm me .
 Thank for your time ,



5 years ago

You can retrofit a electric guitar pickup to fit your acoustic by wiring the leads to a 3.5mm jack to plug into your computer, which I've done with success. If you do that, you might want to change your strings to an electric or electro/acoustic kind to improve the some. Ebay sells them for a couple bucks as well. Look around on instructables, there are plenty of 'ibles on building cheap and simple pickups


5 years ago

Tape a microphone to the guitar body and plug into the PC sound input.