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Help with an led circuit diagram for a lighting system Answered

Hey Guys
                  Im a technology  A-level student and i require help with the circuit side of my project as i am completely at a loss with respect to designing the diagrams and how they should function i am making a simple lighting system with three sets of 10 led boards could someone help me please

Ps - in the uk its difficult to get some small components as i believe there is no uk  radio shack equivalent




You're a technology A level student, and you don't know about Rapid Electronics, Farnell, RS or Maplin ?

If its your project, you should have learned enough already to start. Getting someone else to design it for you is cheating.
I'll help, but I won't do it for you.

That said, it could be daunting to be faced with a project you have to do on your own for the first time.

What are you trying to make ?


Thanks for the quick reply, untill now i have been focusing more on the aesthetics of the project ratherthan the actual functionality of the design and although planned it has been a huge oversight, i was hoping to be able to acid etch the ciurcit board but as it turns out the school doesnt have the facilities so i thought that i might be able to use perfboard.

my project is a multipurpose lighting system hopefully running it from batteries and with low consumption LEDs if you would be able to point me in the right direction as to what i would require that would be epic and i would find it difficult explaining something someone else had designed

thanks again

Ah, a classic mistake: "form follows function"...and not the other way round....

A lighting system for WHAT ? How many Watts, how many colours, How to control them ?


Its will be a desk lamp and i was thinking of using bright white leds but i dont know their consumption so or out put and i didint know their would have to be a specific controler other than a simple switch but tbh i am completely at a loss as how to continue

You'd do worse than nipping down to IKEA and seeing their pretty little battery operated desk lamp. They sell it on a "2fer", you buy one, they donate one to somewhere with no electricity. The one I'm thinking of has a solar battery pack.