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Help with battery powering 5m 12v LED strip Answered

So its Halloween time again and I decided to up the ante this year and make the Tron robe Jeff wears from the new movie. Costumes are nothing new to me, but I have almost no electrical skill. I've been googling and searching forums, but all the cases differ from mine, and I want to be 100% certain about my set up.
So first off, I have 5m of 12v Leds from here.      http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0085UPTT4/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00
I would like to battery power them for at least 2 hours at a time minimum, and I was considering splitting the strip into two 2.5 strips and putting a battery pack on each. But I know nothing about electricity and math has never been my strong suite for figuring amps and whatnot. I've heard that I will need a resistor and batteries weighing pounds to run just a few hours!
Help would be greatly appreciated.


For every hour of operation, you need 2Ah of battery capacity. You don't need any resistors- they're all built in the rope.

So you need a sealed lead acid battery of 4Ah capacity, which isn't THAT big. Here's a sample., it weighs around 4 pounds.

The alternative is 20 1.5V cells - and they'll weigh close to the same.

Would making smaller circuits improve battery length or would that not be significant enough? I don't know the equations. And would lantern batteries work in place of the lead acid. (safety concerns) Do Leds really drain that much power?

SLA are perfectly safe. They are SEALED and can be used anyway up.


Cool. I've been reading and do ing the math and think I'm gonna cut back as many leds as I can to cut amps. Regardless, my last question is, can I attach simple 22 gauge wire to a sealed battery? Do I need anything special?

The batteries usually have 1/4" slide-on terminals, which need crimps.

Not sure on how the power source compares but it seems that most people would prefer EL wire for a task like this. Beyond any electronics advantage it glows evenly as it's not made of a bunch of point sources.

Yeah, I agree. The brightness isn't great though, and they already bought the LEDS....

I've worked around that. I'm using polyethylene and cotton fabric to diffuse the light. It works remarkably well for about two inches wide.