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Help with chardging batterys in paralell? Answered

I have a Nikko Super Dictator witch I replaced all the eletronics in it apart of the engines. I used an rc reciver I found lying around out of a plane. I put this in the car (it olny has one engine now because one was blowen with the eletronics when I got it). The problem is that the batterys get hot and run out very fast. Each battery is 9.6 volt, 650MAh, Ni-MH, and the chardger is 9.6V, 300Ma (the batterys are equivlent to 8xaaa batterys in series). I want to wire two batterys in paralell and tape them together. How, and what, would I chardge these batterys I have made?


You could charge the 2 batteries in parallel just as they are, but you run the risk that they won't be balanced (equal charge to each). NiMH batteries are more tolerant to unbalanced charge than putting lithiums in parallel...Of course you could leave the batteries stock and charge them separately (2 identical chargers) then hook them into the car with 2 parallel'd connectors.

I want to chardge them together. Will I damage them chardging them together and how badley would it afferct my run time

Unbalanced batteries have the potential to set fire when you charge them -- Again, probably not a huge problem for nimh, but something to keep in mind.

2 in parallel would have 2x as much energy, and run almost 2x as long, except that the car has more weight on board, so it will draw more current from the batteries/accelerate less.

I understand you want to charge them together. My solution is for your safety. If you charge 2 in parallel it will take twice as long as charging them one after another, or both with 2 chargers.

Ok then I have a car chardger I will mod to run of a ac/dc converter (12V supply). And chardge them sepratley.

Weight is no problem comared with the batterys it used to run. With one battery I can skid of start at half throttle so I am not to worried about power.