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Help with corporate email id to order electronics sample? Answered

I want to order some electronics samples but i don't think they would give samples to one with @gmail or @ymail email id

So tell me what you guys do in such a situation, or maybe someone could provide me email id with their domain name or in their corporate or maybe i can use someones else's name and email.


Josehf Murchison

4 years ago

I get samples easy and I don't have any trouble about my email address.

The VFD display in this Instructable costs a lot but I got it free for asking.


I tell them the truth about who I am and what I plan to use the component for like the Instructable and then I thanked them for the component.

I make sure I send them a link to the Instructable and that they are mentioned in the Instructable.

I know its pandering a little but I get free parts and components.



4 years ago

just try it cause it worked for me just yesterday