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Help with eclipse and avr! Answered

I am trying to get eclipse to work with the avr plugin to upload code to my attiny2313. Every time I press the button to send the code to the avr a message saying "The file [${workspace_loc:/test_avr/Release}/test_avr.hex] For the flash memory does not exist or is not readable Maybe the project needs to be built first." I try to build the project with the build button on the toolbar and resend but the same message keeps coming up. I have allready set the avrdude settings to the same ones I used successfully to upload hex files to the micro.



8 years ago


you probably only built the "Debug" configuration, not the "Release".

Project -> Build Configurations -> Set Active -> Release.

Build again, now you should find the .hex file in the Project Explorer, in the folder "Release".



8 years ago

andy is right. The build is failing. Check the Eclipse console, and you should find error messages. Eclipse might not be communicating with the attiny. That was my problem with an Arduino, so it might also be that problem with your attiny.

If that is the case, check that you are using the right port by looking at Windows Device Manager and looking at what COM port your attiny is. Then, check that you are using that same COM port in Eclipse Window > Preferences > AVR > AVRDude, then edit your configuration. Enter the port as //./COMsomething


9 years ago

Sorry for the delay from posting, it sounds like the build is failing, check the terminal for error messages and get the error screen up also, they may indicate the problem,
Hope this helps,