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Help with electret microphone Answered

Hi by checking some information and also some of the projects here, i realized that electet microphones are as good as studio condenser microphones and i was wondering if you can help me to create a condenser quality mic out of an electret element with schematics or actually a tutorial of how to do it the circuit and the pre-amp if necessary ... i got this "http://richard-mudhar.suite101.com/how-to-use-an-electret-capsule-with-p48-power-a150317"  can you check it out and tell me if it would work or give me some other ideas.



I looked at the link you suggested. The microphone is made to solve a problem of how to connect an electret microphone (that works on about 5 to 12 volts) to a STUDIO p48 connector that has 48 volts available. This removes the need for an extra battery at the microphone. I think it would be a good idea to build microphones like this to help learn about the various designs. If you click on the schematic at that link, the schematic comes up large sized and you can see it.

Electret mics generally have a smaller diaphragms. I generally prefer larger diaphragms for my studio work, but really the #1 question should be: "What are you going to use this for?" Different microphones work better in different situations. Just because a mic is cheap, doesn't mean it will not sound good. I have a $50 mic that I use for some vocalists that sounds better than my $700 vocal mic, but on other vocalists, I wouldn't even dream of using the $50 mic. It just depends on what you are using it for.

I like the fact that you are willing to build your own mic, but just be aware, if you are hoping to do recording for musicians, or any other professional application, you want to get name brand mics, or any musician who knows what they're doing will not hire you.

I wish I could build my own mics, I have never tried to do it, because I do professional recording, and I would get laughed right out of the business if I tried to use mics that I made. :(

There are a lot of variables in a microphone.

Design and construction of the element is one.  There are different electret mics and each will sound a little different.

The design and construction of the housing is another.

How the element is suspended in the housing can make a difference.

You should pick a microphone that you like and try to duplicate the shape/design of the housing and do some testing changing the shape until you get what you are listening for.  You'll end up with a good/great microphone and a huge knowledge base of microphone experience.