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Help with finding a suitable microcontroller Answered

Hey all!

Ok so I'm having a ton of trouble finding a suitable microcontroller, and it seems like nobody else has
every had the same problem because there is no other guides or instructions on it. 

So first off it needs to be Arduino programmable, like the 2313, 4313, 85 etc. (AVR programable is it?)

Then I need at least 4k to 8k memory, and about 20 pins. 

I also need a small package, but not too small. I am just a hobbyist.

The Attiny24a-SSU in the SOIC 14S1 14 package seems to be the perfect size, but it only has 2k flash, which is not 
nearly enough for any real code. So I tried finding the the attiny84a-ssu and I couldn't find any sellers on ebay. 

The ATtiny2313-20SU was also a good size, but only has 2k flash. So I tried to find the Attiny4313 in the same package size as the Attiny
2313-20su package size but couldn't find anything readily available. 

Now obviously all these microcontrollers are purchasable on some chinese electronics website, but I want it to be a little more readily available, like on eBay. 

Also there seems to be little to none documentation on these little guys as far as programming them with an arduino. It takes me hours upon hours sorting through outdated libraries to find the correct library for the board. 

So, am I stuck with ordering from expensive electronic stores or is there another board out there that I can get on ebay for a fairly good price. 




4 years ago

Go to the Atmel micro site and select the "Product Search" tab--you can specify the range of pin count, 8 vs. 32 bit, flash, ram, eeprom, etc. Should help narrow down the search.

Try the Attiny84, 85, 87, 167. Your pin count requirements limit your options considerably.

I've bought from Digikey several times; they always have a full selection of AVRs. I think there's a minimum purchase amount, but that's par.

I have never used an Arduino as a programmer (always used a parallel ISP programmer), but I believe there are examples here on Instructables...


Reply 4 years ago

Hey gmoon thanks for that! I never saw the product search :D.

Well I think I'm too lazy to learn how to program it without my arduino and I don't like buying other stuff when I can just use my arduino.



Reply 4 years ago

You changed your username again? How small did you need it? There are some chips that expand one digital input pin into 8 but then you have to know how to program bitwise. Those smaller chips like the attiny85 have reduced instruction sets and memory so many functions might not be available if you port over code from a full size arduino. Take a look at adafruit's new pro trinket or the attiny85 based gemma and trinkets. Maybe they might work for you. I have always used their wearable Flora which is really a small form factor Leonardo. They are relatively cheap and do have dedicated support forums.


Reply 4 years ago

Yeah I did :D

Okaydokey I'll check it out thanks!