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Help with graduate research project about teaching young makers Answered

Hi everyone, my name is Andrew. I’m a graduate student at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and I teach at our local science museum. I need your help for my graduate research project!

I am getting people from the DIY/craft/art/maker/hacker communities to fill out a short (5 minute) survey about their habits surrounding creative projects.

The results will help teachers, like me, who want to do hands-on projects with their students. Plus, filling out a survey enters you into a draw for a $150 Amazon gift card! Here’s a link:

This research was inspired by my work at the museum running an after-school program where high school students work on their own creative projects. Once all the data is collected I will be happy to share the results.

Thank you for your help!


One of the most sensibly designed surveys I've done recently.