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Help with making a triangle wave sequencer with pitch relative to tempo, please? Answered

I'd like to make a low frequency triangle wave oscillator/sequencer, but the oscillator and sequencer have to somehow be synchronized with each other, so that if the tempo gets doubled, for example, the pitch also goes up one octave. How can I do this? I've already made a circuit based on this oscillator and the 4017 decade counter as a sequencer.

(Ignore all capacitor, resistor and pot values; I haven't defined them yet)



Best Answer 6 years ago

Micro processors are a simpler choice to accomplish your goal.
The circuit above is a binary up-counter that resets and controls
analog switches to alter the triangle Op-Amp's output with 24=16
distinct recursive variations.  What do you want us to do for you ?

sorry typing error fixed here.


I'm hoping to feed the output into this low pass filter to modulate its cutoff frequency. This way, it'll essentially make a 'wub-wub' dubstep filter.

What I want is so that this wave generator can make the 'wubs' always be in sync with the specified tempo, so that they are always in half notes, triplets, etc.


6 years ago

Your tiny45 responding to a pot and controlling the AD7303 which has two distinct
analog outputs which the tiny45 can alter to your octave specs looks workable.

If you really want a good one, these days I'd use a DDS chip - takea look at Analog Devices offerings. You can do all you need then by simple clocking.