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Help with powering 5.5 feet of 12V 3528 LED strip Answered

Hi! I need help with powering 5.5 feet (~1.67 meters) of 12V DC, 60 LED/meter, 4.8W/meter, 0.4A/meter LED strip.
It also comes with a DC connector.

Link to product:

I would like to run the strip for at least 4 hours before replacing the batteries.  
How can I power this? (preferably using battery packs with NiMH batteries or cheap lithium batteries)
I'm also open to using my laptop battery for the day if it is a good alternative. 



5 years ago

Where did 2A come from? Description says the string draws 400mA per m and at 1.67m we could round it up to 700mA. Now we figure for 4 hours we would need 2800mAh, to be safe I would go for 3000. And a quick search gets us.


The lipo is a bit cheaper but you might be able to find a cheaper nimh. This also depends on what you have a charger for. You can't charge a lipo unless the charger is made for lipos, you could ruin the pack or set something on fire if the pack overheats and bursts.

The strip will require 2A to run it. I suggest you use a small car battery.

Is there any way to do this with something thinner? Batteries in series or something?

Still need to be a fairly large battery to run it for 4 hours, which won't be cheap.

100 USD via Ebay

A 2A load on any battery is a big load. Your going to need a big battery if you want to run the lights for 2 hours.

the strip require 12v supply with 0.668A so I would suggest go with 8 pen cells or 2 9v battery in series.