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Help with powering chained LED strips? Answered

It's been about 30 years since I had any formal training in wiring circuits, so excuse my ignorance.   I am trying to chain a couple of addressable LED strips.   The strips have the following requirements:

Power consumption: 10W/M
Length: 5m
Voltage: DC5V

So it's 50W for the length of one 5m strip.    I'm considering chaining two or more strips together.   The data chain can be as long as it needs to be, but the the manufacturer recommends powering strips every 5m.    

Let's say I have a 5v 60A (300W) DC power supply.   Can I run multiple strips (I guess up to six 5m strips) with this wired in parallel, or do I need to worry about putting resistors in to keep it from overloading the strips?   

Here's a quick sketch diagram


The manufacturer recommends powering strips every 5m because you get a voltage-drop over distance.
Make sure that you use "heavy" wire to power the long distances or you'll get a similar voltage-drop anyway.


That works. DON'T put resistors in, for smart strips.

addressable strips do their own current limiting, just put parallel + and - connections to all strips from the same power supply.