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Help with recently neutered dog trying to mate everything Answered

I recently had my small dog neutered due to the fact that he was growing into an agressive dog. I thought the if I had him neutered that it would stop his desire to try to mate everything in site. But after spending several hundred dollars on vet bills and chew toys and sprays, he has actually gotten worse than before. If anyone has an answer to my problem, PLEASE let me know. Thanks



"Humping" is an attempt to dominate NOT necessarily attempt to mate.  You need to show him graphically who the boss is-  I have had success by grabbing them by the back of the neck and holding them firmly down to the floor.  You don't have to injure them or be particularly aggressive with this manuever- you just need to speak in his language.  He needs to learn who the Big Dog is.  

BTW- I am against animal abuse. 

I'd go back to the vet' and ask them for an answer. If you paid good money for a "fix" to a professional, tap them for an answer - they owe you one.



8 years ago

USE A SPRAY bottle with water or flick him on the nose

Since he'd already gotten into the habit of trying to mate with things before the neutering, it will probably stay with him somewhat.  Mine still does but atleast he limits it to his blanket once a day. 

If your dog was an adult then it's just a habit and he may tire of it eventually.

If he was just neutered, then sometimes it takes several weeks or even a month for all of the hormones to stop flowing.  The testicles are not the only source of testosterone, but the other organs make it in very small quanity and only in response to the testicles, so that should go away also.