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Help with repairing a Microsoft Sidewinder X4? Answered

Hello all! I recently moved in my recently made desk, only mu keyboard sustained some damage in transit, from a lamp falling upon it. Neither a re-plug in nor a reboot would et it working again. It wasn't being detected by the computer at all. I opened it up, (off warranty anyway) to check for anything obvious. I checked all the connections, and re-seated them. Then examined all the wiring for any defects. I reassembled everything, and checked it to see if it would work. Alas, ir did not. I swapped back in my old keyboard, but after some jostling, the Sidewinder was re-detected. It remained functional for only around five minutes, after which the space-bar seemed to be repeatedly being pressed multiple times a second, then it stopped cold. I redid all my software fixes, including a reboot, but it did not regain any functionality. Any help would be appreciated, and I'm hopeful.

Reference pics can be borrowed from here:
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6 years ago

Pull off the space bar itself and check the buttons underneath to make sure nothing is jammed. It sounds like the USB plug, or the wires going into it, were also damaged and are now shorting.
Check for jammed keys first then you may need to replace the cord.