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Help with replica deadmau5 head? Answered

I'm making a replica deadmau5 head and as trim around the ears and head, I want to add LED lights.  What all will I need and how can I program them to change color by fading through the spectrum?



6 years ago

You will need an RGB (Red Green Blue) LED, 3 resistors, a micro processor, a switch, a battery and some wire.

You should get a starter kit and use it to program the micro on this computer.


Can you explain the micro processor and start kit please? What are they exactly?

A starter kit comes with most everything you need to hook up to and program a microprocessor.  After you can just get the more of the  BS1(costs less) .

The microprocessor (BS1) I recommend for your application can run 2 RGB LEDs at once off of a 9V battery and easily program from this computer.  Don't forget to use six 56 ohm resistors.