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Help with scanner hack (3 pin inverter!!) Answered

Hi, I have an old scanner and wanted to do the scanner hack to get a lamp. But here, the instructables about this dont help me, because the iinverters they are using have 2 pins for the power, while mine has three. Here is a pic
Please any solution??
the lapm works when I plug the whole scanner.


What do the three wires connect to on the scanner (i.e. voltages etc)?


I dont know the voltages, because when i tried to measure it my tester started to scream and lighted up.

they conect to another board, the one with the "scanner sensor" on it.
In the instructables i've seen the conect the power adaptor directly to the two pins that are suposed to be where the 3 pins are...
lt me do a little diagram of the scanner

power---> board1(with e.motor) --->
-->board2(with LED and butons for using the scanner) --->
-->board3(with the scanner sensor) ---> board4(the one on the picture)
(the "--->" are the conections between boards)

I'd take a guess that one is power, one is GND and the other is a signal to off/on. Looking at the inverter-board should clarify that one I think.


ok here is a closer look

on top of the white thing:
in the vertical AC 125V
to the left of it, also in vertical 1.6A
aaand, after the "AC125V", there is a gap and says in smaller "(+24v)"

To the left of the white thing, it says "(cont)

oh, also, there is a "(G)" nearly touching the white thing. Beneath that white stripped circle..

thanks for helping!!


Now we're up to 4 pins. Track those to the components, as you've got the board you'll probably be in the best position to figure this out. After all if this was easily searchable (and I don't think it is) you'd have the answer already.
I'm guessing at a "switch" in there, two for the supply power.


no, the 3 wires take to 3 pins...where is the fourth one?
i've tried diferent combinations of wires with a 15V adaptor and nothing..

any sugestion¿

I was looking at the white-ish socket with the black spot on it. I've got a similar device from a Canon fax machine, but I cannot find an inverter in there... No idea on mine.


to me it seems logical that 'cont' is for control and 'G' is ground... could you post another picture of the other side of the borad?

I thinks its too mucho of a problem that board now that I've got another one with only 2 wires (+ and -) so its much easier.
Anyway, I'll continuea trying with that one when I finish the lamp I needed to do!!

btw, thanks for all your feedback and trying to help me

I think that's what he needs help figuring out.