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Help with service/repair manuals Answered

Anyone got any idea where I could find free service manuals on the net? I'm trying to repair my car audio system (Alpine CDA 7998R) but im stuck without much information. If anyone could help, what I'm looking at is a green pcb with D301-313 written on it, and it has a part named Q701 which looks like a very small ic with three legs at the bottom, and one at top, its surface mount and is blown up. It also has a delta sign on it with some design within, I cant read the rest of it cause its blown. Please help anyone, if you can... Whatever you may tell....


.  Don't know if any of them are free, but this search for "Alpine CDA 7998R manual" turns up several interesting hits.
.  "Q" is often used to denote a transistor.

sorry to reply late. I saw this way back and thought that Id probably replied to you already... :P hmmmm.... I did that search and a lot more, but seems like itss not up there.... Q denotes a transistor, thats right, but I cant read the number, and its a surface mount, so very little luck... I felt like playing around so I shorted two of the terminals and there was a slight spark but no life.... I probably killed it even more... hahaha... never mind. :)