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Help with smd LED Answered

Hey everyone, Recently I purchased an smd LED just for learning purposes. Personally, I have no clue how to use it and where I can put it. I have read on the internet about how you can use them for reading lights, buses, planes, etc etc. They are extremely small, and only 2 very small places where I can solder wires to. I have no clue how to use this. Do you use it on a circuit board? Not using a circuit board? I have no clue. Thanks a ton, Brennn10


Just as LasVegas said... You can use it on circuit boards or just solder it to some wires.... the choice is up to you. The way I solder SMDs is use tweezers or helping hands to hold it in place while the solder cools... If you're soldering it onto a circuit board, you could improvise and use a small nail or paper clip to hold it down. I'd suggest first marking on the bottom which side is the positive terminal using a red marker or a black marker to show the negative terminal. I personally use the leads cut off of a regular LED along with a 3V coin cell battery to test the LEDs.

SMD LEDs work exactly the same as other LEDs.