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Help with squirrel cage motor! Answered

i recently pulled an old squirrel cage motor out of a fan (which was still working). And i have no idea how to wire it up. it has a red, yellow, blue and black wire coming out. There is also a 1uf capacitor, it has about a 1200-700ohm connection between the yellow blue and red wires. their is a 100ohm connection between blue to yellow, 200ohm between yellow to red and 300ohm betwwen red to blue. black doesnt seem to connect to anything. could someone please help me. A little label on it says:

            Motor           Mode: R12-1
       220v-240v       50Hz         40W
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(mode isnt a typo by me, thats what the label says, though the company may have meant model)



6 years ago

I have a problem with your pulling a motor out of a working fan and not remembering the way it was wired. 
You don't mention the switch designations, was it a ceiling or window fan.

After you forgot the wiring and started measuring.
Black is usually the hot power line.
There are probably two distinct sets of windings.
The lower impedance windings should be in series with the capacitor to make the phase displaced MMF needed to rotate the squirrel cage.
There are probably 3 or more speeds with reverse.
That is all I can pull out of the info.


ok, the fan was a stand alone. and it just had some push button switches. Their was just microcontrolers n stuff.

Can't help you if you cut up a smart Fan
( doubtful it was more then a thermostat ).
Ask the mfg to send a wiring diag.

I'm guessing it was a multi-speed fan and connecting different pairs of wires will result in different amounts of power being applied to coils.

i tryed different connects between red yellow blue, but it was slow and yellow-blue started smoking after 10 seconds