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Help with wire trees Answered

Does anyone know anything about wire trees? How about lapidary tecniques? I need help. I made a wire tree out of laquered wire and I wish to attach small, tumbled stones to the ends of the wires...This is for a rolling ball sculpture project. I plan to have several of these trees (hopefully copper wire; I think I have some) attached to polished spheres made of natural stone that are attached to the frame of the sculpture. The track has 1" or 1/2" glass/polished stone marbles that roll along a flame-soldered wire track that winds in and out of the branches of the trees. How do I attach these tiny stones to the ends of this tree without the fear of them falling off? Some kind of loop? Glue? Both? I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions or advice..


I'd like to take the time to thank all of you for solving my problem...Thank you for solving my problem! These trees like I said are for a rolling ball sculpture. It's kindof like those plastic marble/ball runs that you can build and take apart. Only these are made of metal and are permenant. They're my favorite form of fine art and as soon as my dad teaches me to flame-solder the wire for the track (hopefully this summer), I can start making them! Thx again guys.

Trees like that you picture use a small loop of wire as a "cradle" for the stone, and a small amount of glue (epoxy, superglue) anchors the stone to the loop.

(My aunt went through a phase of making them, many years ago.)

Sounds good to me.... of course, I should probably ask if it matters what kind of glue/epoxy I use... Does it matter what kind of glue/epoxy I use?

Yes, it must be clear, and if the stone is not to rest on top of the loop the glue should be fairly fast drying :-)

I don't think so. Just make sure it dries clear. As I recall, my aunt used a two-part epoxy known as Araldite.

Tumbled and polished stone... Anything that will smooth out and is the color (brown, red, amber) I need. I thought about making a loop and bending the loop around the stone. I tried it, but the stones kept falling out....

What type of stone are they? I'm thinking of drilling holes and glue. L