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Help with wiring Answered

I have disassembled an old vacuum cleaner that runs on 240v/5amps/1200w. I wanted to obtain the electric motor that should perform at 1.5 horsepower. As I was taking it apart I forgot how the switch leads were originally configured. I want to give the motor a test run but I don't want to hit the fuse in my house so I was hoping someone can help me plug the switch in the normal configuration. What order do the brown and blue plugs (that comes from wall plug) fit into the switch? And what order do the blue plugs (goes to motor) fit into the switch?

A silly question really but I am new to working with electronics.


Has it a switch to press on top and under that semi-transparent hood?

So then my proposed procedure from Jan 6, 2013. 4:12 PM still stands:
find out which 2 connectors get connected and hook them up as described @ Jan 6, 2013. 4:12 PM


5 years ago

Thanks for the replies guys. Have not had the chance to check it out yet. But, I am wondering if this is a bridge rectifier?

Here is a close up.


It's an AC motor, not rectified. If it's got two terminals on the motor, connecting them either way around will do.


If I am seeing that right brown and blue to the right and blue blue to the left.
Best to check with a continuity tester.

hard to say...
It has 4 connectors, right?

If you have a cheap multimeter you can check the resistance from one conenctor to the other 3. If switched ON one connector should give contact to only ONE other. Those 2 contact get each one of the "plug"-side and one of the "motor" side.
The other 2 conenctors become connected by the other 2 wires.

If you dont have a Multimeter, Make you one:
Take a 6V-battery and a 6V-bulp (like from a flashlight.
Connect one pole of the battery to your bulp. The other battery-contact and the other contact of your bulp can now be used as sensors:
press the switch to ON and connect the battery to one of the contacts. See at which other contact your bulp shines.
Bingo! You just found the 2 connectors for the switch. Proceed as written above.