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Help with wiring a 9v screen to 12v Answered

If you are interested in what i am doing with my wii check it out ( http://www.wiinode.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=4280 ?... ) As you can see with my site i have a screen that uses 9v and i need it to be used along with the wii (so i only have to carry around ONE plug in) i have my amp wired to my wii using 5v and it works great. I need my screen to work alongside my wii. Ive tryed a 9volt battery before but some reason i get a blank screen but my ps1 7v power connector makes it light up good.when i plug 5v on the screen it leaves it very dim. There is 12v also there are alot of 5v points and some 3.3v points on the wii, could i combine them in some way to recieve my needed voltage or use the 12v? anything thats not to costly or spacey (need my smallage so i can have a small case) and please dont post about me NOT needed to do this thank you. if you need more info say so and ill update the question. I KNOW THE RISK INVOLED WITH WHAT IM DOING!

please also note that pics are old. Just giving them for info purposes. Please ask me if you need any other details. :) thank you

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Thanks guys, this is the one place i can count on for finding things out :D

You can get a 9v regulator...

Perhaps hooking a 12V to the +ve and 3.3V to the -ve could work...

He's saying hook up 12V as Vcc, our your main power, and 3.3V to the ground. The differental voltage is 8.7v, close enough.

I wouldn't reccomend this at all, however, since any grounding will cause 12V to go through it.

The heatsink wouldn't need to be *that* big, I don't think. You may have to see for yourself, but it shouldn't be gigantic.

you could buy that reguator, its a fair price. You probably don't need a heatsink, 12 volts is not much more than 9 volts. Or you could just attach it to a part of the metal with thermal glue.

umm your link didn't work for me, but can you ask your question in as little words as possible? lol, I'm getting confused of what your asking

i think he wants to know where to get 9 volts. either: 1) use a 7809 or similar v-reg rated for 9 volts. make sure to attach the vreg to a heat sink, as it will heat up. 2) like i told guyfrom7up on another thread about leds, use a zener diode to regulate the 12 down to 9 3)follow whatsisfaces advice. this trick only works on dc voltage though, and attach the 3.3 wire directly to the power supply, NOT some hookup point on the main board.

forgot to mention it: you could simply use a resistor


10 years ago

When you say "points" - do you mean spots on the circuit board where you've measured those voltages? Or do you actually mean voltages supplied by the wii power supply? Big difference, especially if you're going to hook up something which is going to draw a reasonable amount of current (like a screen)! How much current/power does the screen draw? Do you have the specs, or did you just liberate this screen from somewhere else? If it is really low power (doubtful), you could consider just using a voltage divider using two resistors. An actual voltage regulator - as zachninme suggested - would be far more reliable though. E.g. an LM7809, hooked up to the 12V power supply.

I KNOW THE RISK INVOLED WITH WHAT IM DOING! That's a good start ;-) but do you know what you are doing? "There is 12v also there are alot of 5v points and some 3.3v points on the wii, could i combine them in some way to recieve my needed voltage or use the 12v?" ...err, No. Cheers, Pat. Pending