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Hey, Americans; Want to help Tesla cars? Answered

I just found that a lot of US states don't let Tesla sell their cars directly to the public. This keeps the price of electric cars artificially high.

In turn, this gives an unfair commercial advantage to gasoline car dealers, and creates a false argument against electric cars ("they're expensive").

To fix this, there's a petition that US citizens can sign and force a response from the White House.

If you care about this issue from any front - fair trade, keeping government out of your lives, cutting downnon climate change,  personal freedom - then you can sign the petition at the link below, and share it with as many of your friends as you can.



just an update... it appears that the petition has exceed the 100,000 signatures that it needed and it is now closed to further signatures.

Teslas are too expensive for most Americans to afford at $62K for model S thats almost twice my annual Salary . Its nothing that the Federal or State Gov'ment is doing, its their business model.
I don't know if America is ready for all electric ,although gas averages $4.00 per gallon in the US during the summer, it is still waaay cheaper than most other countries when you break it down to the liter.

So by calling he government to action we are keeping them out of our lives?

I take it you don't understand federated governments, since you appear to assume that there is only one in the U.S.

I understand there is more than one government within the us (the federal government and the date governments) however I'd rather not have either trying to run my life for me.

Sorry, child robots don't count ;)

But Yes, if the politicians see a way to get votes thy can leave you unmolested !

Use the Federal government to stop the State governments interfering in your choice of provider.

Unless you're happy with the idea of prices being kept artificially high by forcing you to purchase through a third party?