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Hey Guys,I need some help making a project for school Answered

It needs to have at least 1 555 Timer within it. I was thinking of building a jacobs ladder with a 555 timer or if i could get it working perhaps a sonic pulse generator. Want something interesting and that won't take more then 7 weeks to build. Would it be possible to make a Cree Light and mod it to turn off after X amount of time? I'm just struggling to find idea's as our projects must be able to run off a 12V Battery or less and we cannot make anything dangerous. IE Rocket Launch Controller etc.... Thanks



9 years ago

Third for the theramin. Best of luck on whatever you decide!


10 years ago

I like using the 555 to make interesting sounds. You could make some kind of musical instrument using either a number of resistors of different values to control the charge/discharge times of the capacitor and make a piano-type instrument. Or, you can use some kind of potentiometer of photo-resistor to make a theramin kind of instrument.


Answer 10 years ago

I was going to suggest a theremin, too. Or, an IR rangefinder that raises pitch when you get too close to a wall.