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Hey I am trying to set up a secure FTP and I need a detailed instruction on how to do it. Where could I find this? ? Answered



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FTP is inherently insecure. Instead, you can use OpenSSH and SFTP. Many FTP clients now support SFTP, you'll have encryption and much better authentication options. SFTP is really the way to go.

Do you have a tutorial on how to set it up. Because I was using File Zilla and it would never connect. Thank you

How to set it up the client, or how to set up the server?

Ok here we go i want to set the server up on the main windows machine and then connect the 5 other pcs in to it so that all the files are in one location. Then I need to be able to have remote access to it from anywhere in the world. How would I do this thanks for your help. I just dont know how to do this.

Well, you can start with this. I've never done OpenSSH server on Windows before, so I really can't help you much. It looks like you're going to have to make a user for each of the clients on the server. Any file permissions will be done with the NTFS permissions, so the server must be running NTFS and the permissions set up accordingly. The SFTP server won't be entirely "secure" though, many places will still be writable by everyone, such as temp folders, etc.

If you just want easy file sharing, the Windows file sharing is good, though I'm not sure how "secure" it is.

ok will check this out stay with me tho lol

Sounds like you're coming at this from the wrong angle. As above I'd use standard Windows file sharing for local use across the LAN. For remote access I've started using Hamachi from LogMeIn and use remote desktop to my PC's within the LAN. Other option is to use something like FreeNAS on a spare relatively lowly specced PC and that can then share files on the LAN via standard Windows shares and also do authenticated FTP access for the outside world.

No all the files have to be on this computer. And then I have to be able to remote connecty into this computer from anywhere with out disabling it for anyone that maybe using it. That is what i need to do.

I'd not use FTP on Windows for access outside of a LAN, but if you want to then that's up to you. Have you opened up any firewalls on the PC and in any routers? Can you connect across the local network before trying externally? You'll need to connect to the external interface via a proxy or from a seperate connection as it won;t work from inside your network.

Yes I have so what do you think I should do about file sharing they need access to these files anywhere anytime preferable whit out disabling the PC that has the files on it . Please help