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Hey, Led RGB strip reacted to audio? Answered

Hey, I really want to make a led strip on my wall that glows with the music. 
Can anyone please guide me to a tutorial? i cant find it. I bought a LED RGB 5 meter strip 300 LEDs with a remote. 
I got 2 Big speakers with A center (reads CDs and cassets)
Thank you helpers!!!



Best Answer 5 years ago

Is it addressable RGB or just 3 channels total?

Search "arduino colour organ" (or color if you prefer the wrong spelling)

From dealextreme I found http://dx.com/s/rgb+led+driver

Well basicly, it has 4 enteries (the strip itself) :White wire, Green wire, Red wire and Blue wire. (I belive a regular RGB input)
I got the strip allready, and it has a remote, a strip of LEDs, and a RGB Controll Boxwith Voltage input made of 2 wires Red and black (+ & -) but they are naked wires, I cant connect them anywhere unless I make a circuit. Im not proffessional with this, any ideas? :) thank you