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Hey all, Does anyone know how to play audio from one computer through another computer's sound card? Answered

The catch is that the audio software is on the first computer, and is not compatible with the second, but the second has the good sound card that isn't installable in the first (also, the line in and mic ports are already full!)


If your physical lines are locked up, then I can only think of a couple of solutions

1. Create files using the first card and copy them to the second either using a disk or the net

2. Use a streaming program to stream your audio from thew first card to the second via the net.

I haven't found a suitable streaming program yet, but i think i might be able to draw one (NI LabVIEW)

Thanks for all the quick responses!


I once-upon-a-time downloaded a Winamp addon/utility/etc that allowed free streaming from your pc, but it's been a while. here's a link to discussion on subject for your reading pleasure.<br /> <br /> http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?postid=2370912<br /> <br /> sorry for the lame link, just can't figure out how to embed links with new editor<strong><br /> </strong><br />

BTW, discussion is about streaming into second life, but don't let that discourage you...just watch the video in the link on the third message in the thread


8 years ago

 Try Airport Express from Apple, it works amazing for its size

That would work, but only for iTunes...

I'm using audition, audacity, Traktor3LE, and several others... that need access to the other comp's output.

I think i might write up my own app soon...

It doesn't appear possible, at least not through any conventional means.  The only way I can imagine is to install a virtual machine on the computer with the better soundcard; this will allow the computer to emulate the other.  Next, you would install the operating system and audio software onto the virtual machine, and finally transfer the audio file to this machine.

Reply to me with information regarding the two machines in question, the software, and the audio cards, and I may be able to further help you.

One machine is a Dell I9400 laptop (Core2), which is fast enough to connect to a high-end recording rig. the other is a half dead Compaq desktop (with an unusually slow P3) with a SoundBlaster LiveDrive in it connected to my diy HiFi speakers.

The P3 doesn't have enough muscle to run the recording rig, and the laptop can't take a PCI card. I would use a standard audio cable, but the desktop is in a media cabinet across the room (with all ports full & in use)

Eventually, i plan on replacing the desktop, but haven't got the money right now, so am looking for a cheap fix.

On the computer change the software to something that will play the music.  Then load the music from the silent computer.

There are enough free music players out there that you should be able to find one that will work.

Second option.  Find out what kind of music the will play on the one with sound card and then get a converter on the silent computer to convert it.  Again there are lots of free or shareware converters out there to do what you want.

Trying to connect the computers to do this is just too Rube Goldberg for me.

Unless that's what you really want to do anyway just to futz around with a bunch of old computer stuff.

Do you want to use two audio inputs simultaneously, or could you unplug line-in temporarily while you use the software?
If we knew what these machines and software were it would help.