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Hey all, I want to put smallish open-ended wrenches on some wood cabinets as handles. How do I do that? Any ideas? Answered

The cabinets are unfinished wood, bought from IKEA, and they are in a hold-all room where we keep our tools and stuff (no garage). I also want to paint them. I need to attach something to the wrenches (hopefully I can find some that are about 4-5 inches long) so they aren't flush with the doors, and then screw them in from the inside of the door. But what do I attach to them? And how?



Drill holes through the wrenches and bolt them on with spacers between the drawer and wrench. Id will be very difficult to drill through the hardened steel but it can be done. Just use allot of drilling oil.

If you have access to a welder you can weld nuts to the ends of the wrench and use those to attach them. Spot welds on the back side will bee good for maintaining the look.


If those options don't work, or aren't possible, epoxy or JB WEld the bolts onto the backs of the spanners.

+1 I was thinking JB Weld as well.

Yeah, sorry. Paint the CABINETS.

Anyone know where I can get JB Weld in Italy LOL? Sigh...it's really, really hard to do anything in this country.

Anyway, I'll try to do what I can with your suggestions, so thank you all!

I found some good spacers with thread inside and matching screws. I also have found a good metal adhesive that my hubby says will work. I just need to paint the cabinets first, then go to some cheap Chinese staore and buy some cheap wrenches LOL

I'll put up pcs!

worst case a local laser cutting company can cnc some really clean laser holes in the metal without causing too much heat damage to the chrome (despite these wanting to be painted).

(Paint them? If they're going to be painted, the author may as well cut spanner-shaped pieces of plywood and use those...)

"I also want to paint them"

Not sure if that's the wood panels or the handles...yay english!

The best thing to use is a 'rod coupling nut'. They look like long nuts with inner threading and are normally used with long threaded rods. They can be found at most hardware stores. It's pretty much what's already used for cabinet hardware. Just pick the inner diameter threading to match the fasteners you want to use and then have the coupling nut welded to your wrench handles. Installation will then be exactly the same as any other door hardware.

You can find them in various diameters and lengths and look like this:


Fantastic...now all I need to do is figure out what they're called in Italian since I live in Rome LOL. I'm going to the hardware store now and I'll see if I can find them on my own.

If I don't have a welder or know anyone who can do it, what can I use?

I have no idea what they'd be called in Italian. lol... If you can't weld the piece on, you could drill a hole in the tool (that you'll use as your cabinet handle) and use a long screw to hold the coupling in from one end and the other end is screwed in to the cabinet. It will be just as strong.

If you cannot find the coupling, then just drill a hole in the handle and use a 4 inch bolt to hold the handle into the cabinet. You'll need to add a spacer to keep the tool from sliding down the bolt, but then all you are looking for is any simple metal tube to slide over the bolt to act as the spacer between the handle and the cabinet.

If anything is unclear, let me know. :-)

You can use a stove bolts with a washer and affix them to the wrench with JB Weld. A couple of nuts would raise the wrenches so they wouldn't be flush with the cabinets.

You can also make a non-moving lever-style handle with a Box wrench, using the same principle. Pics below.

Acrylic Enamel paint is baked on and it comes in a lot of colors.

Have fun! Sounds like a neat project!!!


Nice, but I don't think it would be sturdy enough. I'll post pics when I start. I've got about 5 projects going now, and about 100 more in my head ;-)

Buy a cheap wrench set and drill holes. A cheap set will have softer steel.

I'll ask my husband if he can do that. He won't let me anywhere near his drill. I got ahold of it once and we had holes everywhere. It was just to much fun to stop.

http://garage-toys.com/wrhaandcapu.html This should give you an idea of what the spacers would look like.