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Hey anyone knows how to build a working transformers robot ? Answered

I have seen a transformers model in this site but i want to make it work , please let me know how to build it.




8 years ago

Build one? Why? Everyone knows there's one buried under the equator at the moon. Be much easier to just fly there and grab it.


8 years ago

I'm not even sure where to start on this question.

What you see in the movies is either CGI or if they build an actual working model, it will have very limited function.  THey may even have a different model for each function, photographing only the working part needed for the shot.

To build a working model of a transformers robot would be an incredibly difficult task.

You have to design the phase one robot and then the final phase robot that it morphs into.  Then you have to design how the parts do the morph and what mechanically makes it do the transformation.

It can be done but you'll need a good working knowledge of physics, electronics, hydraulics, engineering, spacial geometry and a hundred or so other "knowledges".  Not to mention a huge pile of cash. 

It would be nice to have a working machine/wood/electronics/hydraulic shop with helpers to figure out all of this stuff.

I hate to be so negative about this but If you don't know what you're getting into then someone should tell you before you get in too deep or spend too much money. 

Figure out how to build ONE single part of the operating robot and make it work and then decide if you want to tackle the rest of the project.

Re-designJack A Lopez

Answer 8 years ago

And they've got a whole crew and probably a huge unseen off camera crew helping.