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Hey, everybody, it's lizzie! Answered

No, not THAT Lizzie...Eric and Christy's cousin!

Greet her!

Let's see how many people can greet Lizzie. Seeing as how she's family of staff, I think it would be cool for the community to welcome her.


This is kinda creepy...

What, the picture or the topic? The picture is a joke...I'll remove it if you think. I don't think the topic is creepy at all.

Na leave it up ... ((honest I was just swinging an Axe and it gave me a chuckle ))

Okay...I hope Eric and Christy and Lizzie don't think I'm creepy now... Really? Were you chopping wood or something?

Ya i was smoking some pork tenderloin, and I have several apple trees, and I pruned them a few months back to get them ready for fruit and keep them looking nice, And I couldn't see just burning that wood in a fire, So today I was chopping it really small for smoking with .... And I honestly did just put a 3 1/2 lbs axe away.... Creepy ....

How did you figure out that's Eric & Christy's cousin?

1) She said so. 2) Christy greeted her like family and called her lizzie. 3) She posted on Christy's waterskiing ible talking about her cousins

:looks around and puts axe away Ok I was just smoking some thing with deadfall from my apple trees :

Hello Lizzie,

Ok, now I hope I got the right one, there is like 10 of them and Lizzy ...

Hint: Click on the big orange letters in my post. They are a direct link to the correct person...:)

Oh sure make it easy for me, so I'm bound to screw it up... Yep and I did, I clicked search, people and typed in Lizzie who's been a member since Jan and hasn't posted a thing or typed out a comment, and now when she comes back is going to think she has a stalker <>


10 years ago

...gave her mother 40 whacks....

Wow, how did you ever find Lizzie's persona?

...and when she saw what she had done...

Just a joke...be nice...canida will ban you if you're not. :P

she gave her father 41.

Actually a ban might do me good. Then perhaps my school work would get done. =)