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Hey guys! Answered

Hi people! As you may have (hopefully) noticed, I haven't been around as much. Well, I've been swamped lately in between some family sickness, internet troubles, my laptop going poof, and Swine Flu hitting us over here, as well as an exaggerated wave of panic (we tend to have at least triple the panic in any other place!), I haven't been able to use the computer much.


I just wanna catch up for a bit. What have I missed? Who's gotten famous? What did Kiteman do now? Whats the latest KNEX feud? (like I really care...) and most importantly, how has Pro been working for the site so far?

Please update me, I wanna be up to speed again and start building.

I hate myself, I have not managed to make anything lately. On the plus side, I've been writing a lot. I have so far: 6 anime concepts in the works, 2 screenplays in the works, and 6 sci-fi concepts.

I have blogs about these, so my little internet time has been spent working on these.


This is a piece of cake. I love it very much. It's also my best friend. And I would never do anything to..... *glomps*

NOOOO!!!! CAAAKEEE!!!! Eh it was worth it.

Dude! Welcome back. Random war?

No thank you kind sir, I have grown past these childish acts of tomfoolery and I kindly request tha-*SURPRISE KICK TO THE CROTCH* Btw, how many times have you gotten banned since I lefted?

Ha! I'm wearing a cup made of titanium! Once, got a problem with that?

I kept hearing that you got banned again....

when exactly did you leave? because he did get banned once.

Hey, I'm glad everything's back to normal. Almost everyone likes pro. There are a few new contests. Kiteman got a tattoo. Pretty much the norm around here.

KITEMAN GOT A TATTOO?! Really? I'm glad pro has held up. Id like to see how traffic has changed in the last few months....

That didn't work for you? weird. Anyways, just scroll down, keith asked me about the tattoo.

He didn't actually get one.

Nevermind, it did work, I did not read your comment below his. I was thinking how could I miss something that big?

Um, well, it's not a big to do, but I joined!

Hey keith, pro has gone great so far. Nothing happened that was important, other than in the knex world. As for knex feuds, the current one is "ibles vs KI". And yeah, welcome back.

About the knex thing nothing new except some crappy guns and a few goods ones and a few new other contraptions


9 years ago

YOU ARE BACK!!! Not a whole lot's been going on...You didn't miss a whole lot actually. Preeetttttyyyyy boring without you.

You know, a few days back, I actually thought, 'where is keith?' I think i missed you..

Hello, dont know how long youve been gone.. but we are all in the new irc chatroom.

Uhh pocket sized contest is in voting... *cough* VOTE FOR ME *cough* ... ahem

Cardboard contest started, everyone excited.

Pro going well, few mishaps but overall good i think.

Uhh welcome back !

Hello! (again) L

I haven't been able to get to my pet projects lately either......soo much going on.....and an upcoming trip to NYC I have to prepare for. MAKE is opening a Custom Made type store (last issue it mentions it).