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Hey guys, what motor I should get in terms of Voltage and current to drive a tank without any electrical problems. ? Answered

I have an Ardumotor shield and the Arduino UNO. I want to use a motor that wont be too high or too low for the Ardumoto. I also plan on getting a gearbox to increase torque on my tank(like this: http://www.abra-electronics.com/products/70168-Tamiya-Double-Gearbox.html)


Match the specs. Look at the data sheet for the shield and see how much voltage and current it can handle. The find a motor that uses that same voltage and less current.

Okay, well I looked at the specs, and it said "allows for either 3.3 or 5v logic". Does that mean my motor should be between 3.3v-5v or is that for my power supply?

Thats the communications between the shield and the arduino. You need ot look at the data sheet for the driver chip being used. In this case its the L298 H bridge. The driver can handle up to 4A max. In the case of the shield it offers up to 2A per channel. The chip can handle an input voltage of up to 50VDC. So really your only limited by the voltage source your using. But the Motor shouldn't pull more then 2 amps. Of course you'll need a 5V source for the arduino then a separate power source to run the motors. Just be sure the shield and the Arduino share a common ground.

Just read through the data sheet on the driver and understand its limitations.

okay, so for the Arduino, the 5v is already supplied by USB, right? But what do you mean be "share a common ground"

Yes the Arduino will be getting 5V from the USB port.

The shield should have a pin that will plug into the ground pin on the arduino. Whatever power source you use for the motors (not the 5V the Arduino is using) you will need to attach a wire from the ground of that power source to the ground pin going to the Arduino or you could run into problems with controlling the shield.

DO NOT power your motors from the V out of the arduino or you will burn up the board.

okay, I think I got it...BTW, does this work with all shields?

Only shields that use any voltage source other then the 5V coming from the Arduino.