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Hey man, I gots a question... Answered

How long does instructables shipping usually take? I am going away soon...



11 years ago

My instructables patch I got from the soldering thing took about a week I think...

Hey Aeshir, where are you going to put your patch??

I dunno. I was gonna put it on a cap but I never wear hats, let alone even go outside xD

If you don't go outside, you should put it on your house! =P

Hmmm... is your mailbox attached to your house or near the street?

I live on an acerage actually. I have a PO box. Makes it difficult for ebay buying sometimes.

is there any metal on your house?? you could use my magnetic patch instructable to make it removable, or just use some double-sided sticky tape to put it there permanently

neodymium magnets rock, i have tonnes. But unfourtunately, i live in a house compossed of nothing but snow, i'm canadian...lol iglos duh

DUDE! THAT'S CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I trade houses with you for a month?? And for sticking a patch onto your house, soak the patch in water and let it freeze to your house

Instructables are delivered directly to your desktop, depending on your connection speed, between seconds and minutes. Some instructables that contain large numbers of photos and diagrams, may take hours at low baudrates to deliver in All Steps format.

dude, i am talking about the instructables store!

What Instructables store? I've seen one over at Makezine.com, but here?

www.instructablestore.com shhhh..... its a secret!

YOU AM A NUB! lol kiddiiiiiiiiiiing.....

That's me. It varies. PM me with specific questions.

oh hey thanks guys