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Hey people, i have a single altoids tin and I don't know what I should make with. What should I make? Answered

It needs to be simple due to my lack of materials.


You make a survival kit or a torch, a wallet or something to keep an Ipod or a phone in.


8 years ago

A grill out of the Tin and a wire hanger.
If you have 2, you could add a fire source. Try searching "Altoids Grill".

It only requires household materials(wood chips, wire hanger, matches, meat.) and an Altoids tin


8 years ago

make a simple rj45 cable tester, needed some leds and a loopback curcuit for mine, doesn't make fool-proof cables, but to make a quick check it's the best ^_^


How bout a rockless transmitter. QST magazine.

DUDE! I have the same problem!!!! I have been working on a toolbox like thing where an arm flips out with a foam packed small swiss army knife inside it, and under it is hidden the user guide
they are also great for gift/product packing. or building random s***

Search instructables with "altoid" and you'll get a lot of ideas.  If you've got little stuff the just use it to keep little stuff in.  They are really handy for that.