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Hey, what guns of yours should I build? Answered

Yooo so I haven't build anything off of instructions posted to this site in honestly 5 or 6 years. Could someone recommend maybe the "best" 2 or 3 BLASTERS here? I understand that there will be some bias. I'm not interested in building another TR or anything like that. Maybe something like a mag gun ahah.

Open to everything and just looking for some k'nex fun, guys.


Well, as you said this is solely opinion based, so let me lay down my recommendations. If your looking for range and power, build KILLERK'S TR8 2013. If your looking for appearance and replicas in particular look at any guns that are built by the red book of westmarch. If your looking for something with an interesting mechanism, try guns by Oblivious and Kinetic.

If I were to recommend any of my own work (which I can't help but do): I would build Zip2 or Buzzsaw TR4.

Overall just build what you want, all guns on this site have the communities opinions on them in the forums so look what we think and make your decision from that. Enjoy!

Oh..... well..... that just got awkward. I suppose this was supposede to be a joke or something.


3 years ago

The Racker's rifle is pretty cool. Or maybe one of Red's rifles.