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Hi All, which µcontroller can have memory, output to LCD,Speaker,Stepper motor and PWM ? Answered

I need please a name of one microcontroller with the following features:
- memory
-output signal to a display (LCD)
-output signal to speaker
-output signal to motor ( I don't know between stepper motor or servos motor which is appropriate?)
-PWM (puls width modulation) feature for stepper motor.

Thank you in advance.


PS. I use MPLAP ICD2 as tool

Thank you all, Finally I decided to use PIC18F4620 with following components: L297 stepper motor controller, L298 stepper motor driver, Hybrid stepper motor, 5 push buttons to allow the pre-programming of the rotation of the motor at specific times, 555 timer,

Now the next step is the electronic circuit and the code, I am struggling on it one week ago.

Please help

Thank you

The Picaxe will do all of those directly from the PIC apart from driving the motor/stepper motor for which you may want to lookup H bridge - L293D would do for small motors.

PIC, 89C51, Atmega. Pretty well all of them;
HOW is another matter.

+1. That's all just a matter of designing interface circuitry and software to talk to it... or finding and adopting or adapting existing designs, many of which should be easy to find in the users' group discussions for that particular microcontroller family.

LCD is likely to be the most difficult, unless the LCD has some smarts of its own or is a very simple one.


Thankfully serial lcd modules these days are cheap and only need 4 connections.

That's assuming the question is about a small text LCD, not something laptopish... but for a microcontroller, this is probably a good assumption.