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Hi Anyone out there recognise Dual Gate Mosfet E1819. I need the pinouts Answered



Best Answer 8 years ago

That number is probably an in house number that will make sense only if you have the schematic that goes with the device.

I am sure you are right but problem is I have a small bag of them obviously not in situe.
Thanks anyway

Thanks for your trouble I have tried those locations

OK, second tip: If you're asking questions like this it can help to mention where you've already looked. There isn't another reference on the thing is there? Or did you buy them somewhere - that you could point to?


When I googled and browsed I didn't find any data sheets for a "E1819". I did find mentions of an E1819, often with "TO72" next to it. Googling T072 gets more datasheet results, is your device a 4 pin dual gate n-channel mosfet ?

This datasheet was found by googling t072.

Can you post a photo?  How many pins?