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Hi, Can anyone tell me how to wire up a simple AMP meter (220 volt) so that I can test the AMP's? of an appliance? Answered

I have built a little power board which consists of a double plug adapter which plugs into a mains supply in the house, I then want to be able to plug in an appliance, say a fridge and see how many amps it draws - I want to be able to make this all fit into a briefcase so that it is portable - I can do all of that but just need to know how to put an AMP meter in between the power supply and the double plug where I will plug the appliance in. I realize I could do this with a clamp meter (which I have) but I have a specific reason to do this without a clamp meter


You should configure the clamp meter into the portable device you're wanting to build - what's the specific reason for not wanting to do this? Non-clamp AC ammeters look expensive... L

. Make sure your ammeter will handle the load and put it in series with the power or neutral wire.