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Hi Every one. My question is what can i do to add a self start & alternator for battery charging to 1hp gasoline engine Answered

As i said i want to add a self start to 1 hp petrol/kerosene engine . i know this is quite difficult but i am a tech lover & i am working as maintenance in-charge in hotel. The main reason behind this question is we have small business of sugar cane juice in our town since last 20 years(almost that time when i was 4 years) which is set up in a small go cart.now i want make some smart changes in it.

So the mechanism which is used for crushing cane is powered by that engine through belt pulley drive( as everybody knows). To start the engine we have to pull the fly wheels of sugar cane machine which very hard, difficult & arm braking procedure for my mom, grand ma & younger brother. So i want make it more user friendly & efficient which will reduce pain, tiredness & increase human work efficiency.

I hope the description is enough to describe my concern.I have attached some images of machine. Please guide what & how to do.
All your replies will be appreciated. Mail :- aziz7264@yahoo.com
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3 years ago

I have made a single inverted machine that is both a starter for a Ford engine and then a 400 cycle 3phase engine powered generator capable of running the vehicle air-conditioning in a rear wheel well allowing the car engine enclosure more room for profile styling.

BTW an inverted machine means the PM samarium cobalt magnets rotate outside the 1" thick 7" diameter windings and all this fits inside the transmission bell casting.

A single smaller machine could perform your start / generate function.


You could make a small mechanical windup flywheel starter that could be transferred from engine to engine. This kind of starter was used on aircraft in 1940 - 1950.

wow, great. thanks a lot for reply. but i think it would be more costly than my budget.

You'll need to modify the starter by replacing the gear with a belt pulley. Replace the pull cord with an identical belt pulley and you should be good to go for starting the engine via a belt and the starter. The drive shaft can drive a belt going to an alternator to charge a battery so long as the engine is able to maintain the minimum RPM the alternator needs to run at to charge the battery.

Thanks a lot brother. exactly as a was thinking. i have measured rpm it was around 1800. And if i am not wrong, 1500 to 2000 rpm is enough to produce 12v. i think i don't have to worry about speed variation because it runs on a constant speed.

without seeing the machine it isn't possible to be exact but you need to drive a car alternator at around 3000 RPM to charge a battery - the starter really needs to be as close to the crank shaft as possible, perhaps you can modify a car starter motor to run a belt round a pully on the motor shaft.