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Hi Guys. I am remoddeling my house.Going modern flat.I need a design for L-couch but without outer upholstry. Any ideas? Answered


Then what you are talking about is a "table" with cushions that you sit on, right?

Or a table plus a back. that you can lean more cushions against. The comparison to futon frames seems appropriate to me, even if it isn't made to fold flat.

I finally learned to buy furniture by convincing myself that:

1) I'm allowed to buy tools when I need them. (Basic assertion.)
2) Shelving, drawers, and cabinets are tools for holding other tools.
3) Chairs, beds, and the like are shelves for holding people.

I alwats though it would be kind of cool to build a futon frame out of shiny square tube and expanded aluminum, then add an appropriately "modern" futon cover. The same kind of thing would probably work for a couch.