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Hi, I am running a wood work project ,re-using pallets, any designs or ideas would be really appreciated. Answered

Thanks for you answers so far, To give more info to you, I Have been lucky enough to have the use of a workshop for running wood projects with young people, so we will be running projects depending on there individual skill factor , I had got a design for a bird box and picture frame, and of this site a compost bin, I would like to try and make some more things, so really i am looking for some more designs we can try, which we can then post back on here and will help anyone else out in the future.. CHEERS..


May I suggest making a tool box? Or, how about a wall-mounted tool holder? And, to top it all off, why not build the 'Pallet House to Save the World...or a garden shed' instructable? And then put your tool box in your new house/shed?

I used a pallet a few years ago to make a 'temporary' vegetable garden. Use the thicker cross pieces, cut in half, to make a pair of legs. Use the flat boards to make a box around the legs. Obviously, you'll have to get a little creative with how you cut the wood. The pallet I used was from a stack of old ones by a hardware store that didn't want them anymore. Mostly mismatched, so the size and shape of your planter box will vary, and you may want to use two pallets for one box. I managed to fit a dozen tomato plants in one of mine last summer, but again, they won't all be the same.

They aren't very pretty if you just want to bang one out in an hour, but they hold a lot of soil and excess water just drains through the cracks. When you decide you don't want it anymore, just break it apart with a hammer (after removing most of the dirt) and burn the wood.

Just to be really far out and crazy... I wonder if you could carve turbine blades out of pallet slats. Would that be cool or what? Combining recycling and renewable energy. Or maybe instead of carving, you could teach steam bending!

I've made some very nice cornershelves with palletwood. You can make anything imaginable with palletwood!

Depending on the state of the pallet, they make a good base for a platform bedbox. But if this is for young people, not sure that would be useful. They also make a fairly decent doghouse by stripping the slats off one side and reworking them back into the other, and then using it for a wall section. You could also work it into an old fashioned wheelborrow, one shaped like a triangle with wooden walls, etc. The wheel can be salvaged from a bicycle, etc.

Hi.. a few years ago I made this outdoor chair for two, out of a pallet. Obviously this is just a picture of a cad model.. unfortunately after 3-4 years of sitting out in the weather it got a bit gross, so no actual photo. It was however a very comfortable and loyal outdoor chair, a lifesaver in the summer months. I believe I had to scrounge up some extra bits for the seat back upright bits.


9 years ago

If you can find some good hardwood pallets, you can make some really nice tables. With some proper jointing, planing and sanding, you can get some good results.


9 years ago

I'd check out the Make: Magazine Blog for ideas-it's usually electronics heavy but I have seen some good re-use hacks for furniture. The rustic look is back, so pallets should be useful for making hip stuff for now. I'd try laminating a bunch of identical planks, sanding them down and utilizing your newly made "ghetto butcher block" into a rustic coffee table, or cut it and use it for cool looking, blocky shelves for photo frames, artwork or even a mini-bar. you could probably take long screws and screw right from the outside into a wall stud, and either let the screws oxidize or countersink 'em and fill the holes. Or make a wood plug and plug them....I guess it depends on your abilities and how many cool woodworking tools you currently possess. also look at basic furniture designs like IKEA stuff and see how you could fab stuff to look similar. Hope it helps.

I think that what you build really depends on you, what sort of things you are interested in, and what you may need at any given time. However, since you are looking for ideas, how about a gardening table? The pallet wood it usually a little funky, so it would allow excess soil to fall through the gaps, back into the garden. Or a doghouse, if you have a dog. You could also make a rock 'em sock 'em robot, but that is pretty advanced stuff right there.