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Hi I am trying to make a projector cart similar to http://common.csnstores.com/common/categories/large/18732.jpg? Answered

But I would like to make the 'legs' colapsable. So that it could fold down in to a smaller unit. Similar to a table. Any ideas for the legs that would be quick set up and take down


You could use any assortment of tricks for collapsible legs like a camera tripod but I guess you have some heavy AV equipment that this will be used for. I suggest you build a base cart on casters that is rectangular in shape, essentially a crate on wheels the height of half your normal cart. The top of your rolling crate is open. Build a second crate or box that fits inside your rolling crate. Cut some handle holes in the top. You pull this crate up and turn it 90 degrees so it will rest in guide slots on top of your rolling crate. The inner crate can have a bottom so you have some internal storage. In use, the full height is made when the crates rest on another. To put away, just lift, and place back in the box. You can strap the projector to the top or have it placed inside the box. Of course, you can have a side opening crate that just gets pulled out and placed on top too. Good luck.

you can make it shorter by lowering the top