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Hi I am wondering what I should put in my locker, any hints? If so, please help!!! Answered




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A box of pencils, a pack of 150 sheets of lined paper, a photo of your friends so you don't forget who they are jk, a notepad or whiteboard or something so you don't have to write on your hand in sharpie like me, lotion, chapstick, a pair of pliers (I am not kidding I use mine all the time), and BAND-AIDS

Thanks, what do you use your pliers for?

Oh yeah, and also a small bag of spare dry clothes for the day you get soaked by a passing rainstorm or caught in a food-fight cross-fire.

In addition to all of the other good suggestions, emergency snacks with a long shelf life (granola bars, jerky, or pop-top ravioli) and $5 emergency cash stashed in a dirty gym sock. Nobody will notice the sock when you have your locker open and if it does get broken into, who would steal an old sock?

We demand a fully-illustrated Instructable!

Um... I decided to delete that post after thinking about it a little bit, after I realized there could be some potential for abuse there. Like what would happen if that were done to a locker with someone's still inside? I mean it's probably been thought of, and also done before, but I shouldn't be promulgating ideas like that.   I apologize if this sounds weak, to post something like that, then un-post it.  I can't be strong all the time.

I would imagine it has been done to real lockers several times - it's the life-style part ("move on, don't look back") that would have made it a great project.

Erm.. someone's stuff, possessions, still inside the locker.  Someone, like a person, that would be bad too.  Must be slipping with my editing.  This is all I have to say about this topic.

Tee Hee I am not a bully! Very funny though

Good things to have:
Whiteboard/Calandar/Mirror on door

Additional shelving can be really helpful.

Deodorizer if you store clothes/stank.

Nail clippers are a must. You never know.