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Hi, I have 2.1 speakers and I have a led strip which I want to attach to my speakers to make it sound reactive Answered

these are the speakers I have, http://www.junglee.com/Iball-2-1iball-iBall-Tarang-Speaker/dp/B007MPFFBK. When I open the main speaker the circuit is so complex that I am unable to understand anything. I am posting images of the circuit and the speakers. Can any one please help me out with this so that I can make a sound reactive led strip.




5 years ago

The speaker circuit accepts an input from PC to TV and that electronics
drives the subwoofer  and 2 Satellite Speakers.  
The LED strip probably needs 12V DC.

You will need to connect the LED wires to appropriate circuit points on
the speaker circuit and to do that any technical person will need a
circuit schematic of the output stages of the speaker circuit.

You may also have to add an amplifier driver to the LED strip so that
it is not necessary for unpleasant  volume before the LEDs are visitable.