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Hi I have an old toshiba laptop.It was working fine yesterday and today it wont boot up. The screen stays black. Answered

It is a project computer that I use for the paralel port on the back. It has windows 95 on it.

I have tried plugging in a desktop monitor that I have used with it before. Its is black too. So I know that it is not the screen even though it has several hours. Please ask questions if you think you can help me.


Model number would help.  I have an old Toshiba Satellite 1800 series that would do the same thing.  Those models were notorious for bad inverters (the thing that powers the backlight.)  Shine a flashlight across the screen at 90 degrees, if you can make out some of the image, then the inverter is bad. 

On mine, I popped the front of the case apart, and it started working fine again.  i use mine as an oversized mp3 player in the garage, so it doesn't have to be pretty.

if that's not it, post more info and someone should be able to help.


During power up, do you hear any beeps signaling the POST test? Does the hard drive sound the same as it always has? Any other sounds, normal or not normal? Are all the required lights lit during power up; power, battery, HDD etc.?

Since you cannot get anything out of the auxiliary video port, it does not sound good. Try this: open up the computer and remove the hard drive and the memory. Power up the computer in this configuration. Do you get anything? If so, power off and replace the memory. Power on again and see if you get anything this time. If so, power off, replace the hard drive and see what happens this time. You may be able to isolate the problem this way.

If you only get the POST test beeps, note what they are and post them to see if we can figure it out.

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Well, it doesnt make all of the sounds that it usually makes. I am not looking into replacing anything on it. I will use one of my desktops or buy another old laptop off of ebay.

Since you can hear the activity of the drives the battery of the laptop might be OK. I believe that the circuitry in charge of the video display went bad. In a desktop computer you could add or replace the video card but in a laptop you may have to replace the motherboard because everything is integrated. The fact that the laptop display and the plugged monitor do not work points to that direction.

 can you provide model number maybe some system info?

It is a toshiba satalite 105cs.

Any sound when booting, is the HD running, is the power supply OK,

I can hear the HD running and stuff.

Does it do anything? Win 95 says it's really old, and you've been lucky it's lasted this long?