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Hi, I need to make a 2" x 2" strong electromagnet, enough to pull a 0.5 kg body placed about a meter away from it? Answered

I want to know the core and the wire to be used?. And the minimum battery rating, I can use upto 12 v or 2 batteries of 12 v. Please help me.


an arm that moves to the metal? how would this work electricaly without as long a distance electrical magnets and also is it possible to direct magnetic feilds?

Magnetism follows an inverse square law: double the distance 1/4 the force. At 1 meter you'd need something like a big superconducting magnet


good question usama, so lemonie can u tell instead that what maximum power of electromagnet will be of that size and can u tell how to make that

You need a superconducting magnet, stainless Dewar flasks, liquid helium, liquid nitrogen, high-vac pumps and a lot of other stuff. These are things you don't make - you buy them. Even for a powerful electromagnet you need a lot of metal, a lot of power, cooling system etc. Maybe there's another way to achieve the same thing - what do you want to do? L

I want to make a robot that grabs a metal cylinder of about 0.5 kg and placed a meter away. Is that possible with any other idea..Appreciate that

I have no idea if this will help but I hope it helps you. Perhaps you could use magnets underneath. i.e. you know how if you stick a magnt under a table witha paper clip on top of the table and you more the magnet around? Coz while I could never tell you how much power you will need, I just know your going to need a truckload more than what a 12v to 24v lead acid batt will give you. sorry for that bad news.

An arm that moves over to the metal, with a small electromagnet on the end? L

You are going to need a frictionless surface and a lot of time. Magnetic force drops off rapidly with distance, coils are powered by number of turns and amps (which ends up being wire diameter) and you don't have anywhere near enough power or space.

so this means that this is impossible